Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Hyper Blue

What a nice color combination Nike choose for the most recent release of the Nike Air Max 1. This brand is obviously very experienced when it comes to making sportswear, and even for a few decades we can enjoy new Nike Air Max 1 releases every single time. So it’s not so weird that Nike Air Max One keeps on putting the most awesome colours together. They know what works and what doesn’t! And that’s why every release is every time a big succes. Time after time. There is probably no shoe brand that experienced this with more than 4 releases.

Hyper blue and soft minty green

for the Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Hyper Blue Nike choose a combination of spotless white, mouse grey, minty green and bright Hyper Blue. The rubber sole of this shoe contains from grey and blue. On top you’ll find a white mid-sole. In the heel of this mid-sole you’ll find the air-bubble which gives great support.

Around the shoe you see a path of smooth leather in the color Hyper blue. This path also leaps over the heel of the shoe. On top of the shoe Nike used a lot of mouse grey. This color also makes it’s return on the tongue of the shoe. The Nike swoosh comes in white leather and also the laces are white. The inside of the shoe is minty green but you also see a small path when you are wearing the shoes so you get a great contrast with the other colors.

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