Nike Air Max 1 – Metallic Pink

Are you ready for summer? We sure are! And the will only gets bigger when looking at the newest Nike Air Max 1 release! This candy sweet shoe melts us down so soon that we think all ladies are running to the stores when their eyes see this beauty. The Nike Air Max 1 – Metallic Pink is definitely a womans shoe, because be hounest: would you like a guy wearing these shoes?

Nike Air Max 1 WMNS for the win!

The Nike Air Max 1 – Metallic Pink has a retro gumsole with a caramel color like the ones we used to see back in the day all the time. Funny thing is however, this thing is coming back! Do you have a pair of shoes with a sole like these in you closet? On top of this gumsole you find the white mid-sole with in it’s heel a yellow colored air-bubble. This yellow color also comes back in the logo on the tongue and on the laceholes. The laces itself are in candy pink just like the metallic Nike swoosh. What’s so cool about these Nike Air Max 1 WMNS is the path of leather which goes around the shoe. It’s a bit destroyed leather, and because of the destroying, you can see bright pinks shining through the cracks off the soft pink. Around the ankles and on the tongue it’s the same prinicple but than with softer colored pink. On the upper of the shoe they used camel colored suede which really completes this Nike air max 1!

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