Nike Air Max 1 – Volt & Canyon Grey & Dusty Grey

If you’re buying pumps, high boots, classy flats or bootshoes, these shoes almost always excists from only one ore maybe two materials. Not more. A smooth leather, suede, canvas or an imitation version of a expensive material. But the combination of different materials makes normal shoes look funny, weird or even ugly. But we do know it can be very pretty! Look at the Nike Air Max 1 shoes!

Nike Air Max 1 patchwork

At the Nike Air Max 1 they always use the wellknown patchwork. The patches always lay in the same position. The small path around the shoe and the patch on the toes and the heel. And than the tongue and the path around the ankles and ofcourse the Nike swoosh on top of everything. Sometimes they use a different color and material for every patch but sometimes it’s all in one color and fabric so it’s not that noticeable but still always there.

The most recent edition is the Nike Air Max 1 is de Nike Air Max 1 – Volt & Canyon Grey & Dusty Grey. And on this edition Nike certainly didn’t slow down on it’s color or fabric budget. Smooth leather, a new kind of mesh on the toebox and a small piece of suede on the heel and filt on the upper of the shoe. What do you think a bout these Nike Air Max 1 WMNS beauties?

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