Nike Air Max 1 Liberty – Lagos Laurel

From all the Nike Air Max 1 shoes is the Liberty collection the one with the most explosive prints. The most recent release is the Nike Air Max 1 Liberty – Lagos Laurel and Nike is very on-trend with this beauty. The Paisly print is back baby!

Explosive prints

The graphic prints were seen everywhere in 2013 and it even became a bigger trend when fashionista’s around the world were starting to combine these striking prints together in the same look. Well, next season we are taking the next step, because on the big catwalkshows we saw the most striking sneakers on the feet of the models. And that’s a trend we sure do love and probably Nike Air Max 1 as well. So Nike is involved in two of the biggest trens: explosive sneakers and explosive Paisley prints.

The Nike Air Max 1 Liberty – Lagos Laurel has a black with pink rubber sole with on top a white mid-sole with a pink air-bubble in it’s heel. Than further to the top you find a small path of black leather with small cracks in it for a heavy look. The same material was used for the area around the ankles, for the tongue and of course the Nike swoosh. On the whole upper and the toebox of the shoe you find a red,pink, purple and blue paisley print. Also different are the laces, this time they are more like thin black ropes. What do you think about this release?

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