Nike Air Max 1 – Year of The Snake

Nike is always so intens creative when it comes to the designs of their shoes, always nice or new fabrics and colors and prints, but when it comes to creating a name for these magnificent shoes, their creativity just blacks out or something. But this time it’s different! Nike Air Max 1 – Year of The Snake. Well, still the name Year of the snake is a little understatement because this shoe is more like the decade of the snake but that’s not important. What a striking shoe! You sure have to be the type but Nike Air Max 1 succeeded once again by provoking and making something the competition never thought of making.

Snake leather Nike Air Max 1

The Nike Air Max 1 – Year of The Snake has a retro gumsole like the ones we had when we were kids. They totally vanished of the earth for quite some years but Nike seems to be willing to take them back. But maybe it’s also because the colors of the gumsole just really fit the snake leather print. On top of the rubber sole you find a white midsole with in it’s heel a air-bubble in the same color as the gumsole. Further to the top Nike uses for every single patch the same snake leather print. It’s a somehow worked leather so you can see the leather coming through the print. For the laces and the inside of the shoe, from which you see a small path when you are wearing the shoe, Nike used a brown-pinkish color. Do you have the guts to wear a pair Nike Air Max 1 – Year of The Snake?

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