Nike Air Max 1 – Grey Slate & Cave Purple

Nike Air Max 1 is one of the most well known (maybe even thé most known) shoe brand, or shoe brand edition, there is on this world. Whether you live in Europe, US, Africa, Azia of Russia, you know these shoes. And you can buy them everywhere. This is awesome ofcourse but the feeling you are special when you buy a pair of these shoes, is long gone.

Azia Only

Nike has some tricks to make you feel special when you buy a pair of Nike Air Max 1’s. Some editions only release as a Limited edition. So if you want that particular Nike Air Max One, you have to really want it, and make sure you be there at the right moment ánd draw a big big wallet, because these babies won’t be cheap! What you also see with Nike Air max 1 is that they only release a special pair to special group of people. And that’s what is going on with the Nike Air Max 1 – Grey Slate & Cave Purple. These puppies are only availeble in Azia. If we Europeans would like a pair, we have to try to find an Azian webshop willing to send them oversees. Or you just travel the world and pick them up yourself!

For this Nike Air Max 1 they almost only used lightblue/grey suede. Only the Nike swoosh came in a darker shade of blue suede. De mid-sole has this off-white colour. A great shoe for the summer because of these light colors. Do you want to have a pair?

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