Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Ultra Marine & Medium Grey

The new Nike Air Max 1 Essential release is a nice one. And it’s also a pair you still would like in ten years from now. I don’t really know how Nike got so good at making shoes you loved 20 years ago (that’s when they became such a populair shoe) but you would also wear them right now and you probably would still like them in the far, far future. Is it the design? Or is it just the fantastic comfort that keeps making custommers want a new pair every single time?

What we do know is that Nike has some different collections for the Nike Air Max 1. You’ve got the Nike Air Max 1 Premium with it’s extraordinary shoes, the Nike Air Max 1 Comfort, with even lighter materials for more comfort, and many more. But the one collection which most important element is to make the shoe timeless is the Nike Air Max 1 Essential collection. Because of the use of colors, the high quality materials and never changing composition, this shoe is always a succes and you can never go wrong.

The Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Medium Grey & Ultra Marine has a color palette with grey, bright blue, fresh white and some small pink elements. For this shoe they used smooth leather, suede and breatable mesh for a sporty look to the shoe. The pink elements in the air-bubble, the rubber sole, the Nike logo’s on the tongue and the heel and on the lace holes really make this shoe pop. The sweet and soft colour gives great contrast to the grey and blue boyish colors.

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