Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Armoury Blue & Navy Pink

This WMNS edition of the new Nike Air Max 1 can become a maximum hit. At least, that’s what we are predicting. In these shoes Nike Air Max 1 combined two elements women like a lot. And though we don’t really understand the names Nike gave these colours, (Navy Pink? Is that some sort of blue coloured pink? Or does that make it purple? It seems pink to us! And Armoury Blue (with the word Armoury, we think of some kind of army colour, like green and this is a awesome blue/grey metallic colour!) we do understand the designer of this shoes did the best he could and succeeded with this great pair of Nike Air Max 1 Womens.

The rubber sole is all pink, or shoeld we say Navy Pink? The sole is as always equiped with great grip for the perfect adhesion so you won’t slip. The mid-sole is all white and there is obviously a spot for the air-bubble in the heel part of the mid-sole. This air-unit is in Navy Pink as well. Further to the top you find a path of Armoury Blue leather that goes all around the shoe. This metallic blue/grey colour is also given to the Nike swoosh. On the toes and around the ankles Nike used a piece of white mesh because of the breathable qualities of this fabric. For the rest Nike used black suede on the top of the shoe and on the heel. The laces are white and as always you find the Nike logo also on the tongue and the heel.

So women, what beats pink and metallic? Likely nothing so get you own pair!

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