Nike Air Max 1 – White Cyber & Black

This new Nike Air Max 1 is made out of one of the youngest, but also most popular materials off the last decade. Although this fabric called ‘jeans’ was invented around a hundred years earlyer , this material got popular with the big crowd around 1960. At first only the outlaws and young people were wearing trousers made out of this jeans fabric. But pretty quick everybody wanted to have a jeans in it’s closet. And nowadays western people have a average of 7 jeans in there closet! Not a surprise Nike is releasing a Nike Air Max 1 edition with this fabric.

Denim Nike Air Max 1

The whole upper of this new release of the Nike Air Max One is made out of black denim. This denim fabric gives the shoe a sporty and youthful look to it. Nike AM1 used some fresh effects for this release. The mid-sole and the Nike swoosh come in white. And on the rubber sole, the air-bubble, the small logo on the heel and the tiny path around the ankles come in cyber. That’s a neon yellow kind of color. These fresh colors are just small elements on this shoe, but they have a great effect. Because of the dark denim you think this shoe is only for the winter months, but because of the fresh effects you will were these Nike Air Max 1’s all summer as well.

This Nike Air Max One will release at april 2013 so make sure you don’t forget to buy a pair of Nike Air Max 1 – Black & White & Cyber.

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