Nike Air Max 1 Premium – Black, Cool Grey & Photo Blue

In sneaker history we will remember the last part of 2013 and the first part of 2014 as the period that Nike Air Max 1 introduced the two-tone-midsole. Not everybody is happy, on several sneaker discussion platforms real die hard fans see their old and loved Nike Air Max 1’s being ruined. What do you think?

Two-tone midsole

The first time this two-tone was used on the flagship model of that particular collection so nobody really cared. But at the release of the next Air Max One, there was the two-tone as well! Do we like it? Yes we do, but not all releases. For instance, we like it when it gives a boring shoe something extra like with the Nike Air Max 1 Premium Black, Cool Grey and Photo Blue. This (not so special) suede Air Max One is dark grey and black and because of the two-tone midsole it’s still an eyecathcer. It gives this pair an added dimension because of the white op front.

What we also like about this shoe is that Nike is making nice throwbacks in the colours they use. For instance: the Nike sign has the same colour als the back of the midsole. And the cheery light blue they used for the rubber sole, the shoelace holes, and the Nike sign on the heel of the shoe makes a BIG statement by such subtle colour use.

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