Nike Air Max 1 ACG – Victory Green & Black

With the first look you don’t think it’s so special. Awesome though, but we are not going crazy because we’ve never seen something like this before. The Nike Air Max 1 ACG – Black & Victory Green is cool, clean and actually pretty calm. White, black and a hint of green on the swoosh. But we are forgetting to tell you that this Nike Air Max 1 is releasing within the Nike Air Max 1 ACG collection. And that’s a garuantee for something extra!

Nike Air Max 1 ACG collection

Let’s take a look at this shoe: The Nike Air Max One has a light grey rubber sole. The air-bubble inside the white mid-sole is also light grey. Further to the top Nike used black suede and canvas. This materials are made waterresistant. The inside of the shoe is white and the Nike swoosh comes in Victory Green. Pretty awesome, but what makes this shoe so special? You see this Nike Air Max 1 has black laces. But when you buy a pair, you also get green and red laces. By the way, the green is a mismatch when you hold it to the Victory Green Nike swoosh! Just a little bit off, and therefor just a little bit different. That’s ACG. So you can wear the black laces for the basic look, or the green or red laces. But there is one other option: you can wear red and green on both feet. So one foot red, and one foot green! That’s striking!

Are you in for some craziness? Or are you more the basic type? That’s the pretty thing about these Nike Air Max 1’s: Everybody can make them just the way they want it.

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