Nike Air Max 1 Liberty – Navy Blue

The Liberty collection Is Nikes way of expressing it’s freedom. They can do whatever they want with this shoe. And that’s why the shoes within this collection are most of the time very striking, innovative and pretty awesome! The latest release sure is all of the above. The Nike Air Max 1 Liberty – Navy Blue is the latest shoe within the WMNS collection. Normally sweet shoes with soft colours and more ladylike prints, but in this case that’s definitely not the truth.

Cool WMNS shoe

The boys will be crying! The Nike Air Max 1 Liberty – Navy Blue is most of all not a feminine shoe, to sweet or ladylike to be worn by a man. So we think there will be a lot of men who are wishing Nike will release the same model also in the regular mens collection.

This Nike Air Max 1 edition has a retro gumsol with on top a white mid-sole which gives great support. In the heel you find a airbubble in a soft orange-red color which is also used of the logo on the tongue and for the lace holes. The laces are white just like this inside of the shoe and the Nike swoosh on the side of the shoe. The whole upper is made out of some multicolored canvas which really makes the shoe something else. The small path around the shoe comes in a dark blue seethrough material so you can see the multicolored canvas through it. How cool is that!

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