Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Silver & White

The newest release of the Nike Air Max 1 Essential is very discreet. It comes in clean white, light grey, another shade of light grey and a darker grey. And the color grey is not very exciting but you’re always safe.

Sunny grey

The light and fresh colors make this shoe look very sunny. Perfect with a bright blue jeans or maybe a vintage Levi’s 501? Wear it with a clean white top and you’re ready for a warm spring- or summerday. These shoes are besides the summer also perfect for colder seasons because of the thick mid-sole. It’s keeps your feet far away from the cold earth so you won’t get cold feet. And the bright colors make it really pop with al the dark winter colors.

This shoe has a dark grey rubber sole with a tiny piece of white. In the heel of the mid-sole you find the airbubble for great support. Further up top you find a path of dark grey smooth leather. And on the upper there is a variation between light grey leather and light grey mesh on the toebox and on theankles. Mesh is a breatheble fabric so you won’t get damp feet.

Do you like to have a pair of these mousegrey Nike Air Max 1 Essential Silver & grey on your feet? The summer of 2013 will be the moment of release so keep your eyes open for the right date.

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