Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Purple Dynasty

Most of the time, women are more into the whole fashion thing then men. They always have there eyes open for new trends. Once in a while there is a man who is very hip and on-trend and this guy is being copied by the other men. But who do you think choose the clothes this guy was wearing? Yes, indeed, his wife/girlfriend. And since the sporty casual trend is going on more and more (think of the wedge sneaker Isabel Marant brought into this world) Nike is following it at the right moment. And who are the ones who pike up the trends? Yes, the women. So Nike is releasing more and more great Nike Air Max 1’s into it’s Nike Air Max 1 WMNS collection. And the latest release is the Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Purple Dynasty

Purple dynasty and soft green

The Nike Air Max 1 WMNS collection is known by it’s tough dark colors mixed with sweet and soft colors and different materials like metallic or patent leather. In the case of the Nike Air Max 1 WMNS Essential – Purple Dynasty it also works that way. The rubber sole is in soft minty green what gives the shoe a girly feeling. But that feeling takes of as quick as it came around when you see the dark metallic leather and suede in purple dinasty. This shoe is not for girls, it’s for tomboys. What do you think? Are you man enough for these Nike Air Max 1 Essential WMNS editions?

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