Nike Air Max 1 Premium Venom – Black & Bright Citrus

Black, white and orange. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to the new release of Nike Air Max 1. These beauties are added to the Nike Air Max 1 Premium collection and that’s normaly a sign these shoes will be ‘something else’. But the Venom Black & bright citrus is just a littlebit more special.

Nike Air Max 1 Neymar

I think I will get the attention of most soccerfans if they hear the name Neymar. The Brazilian (soccer)artist named Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior was the inspiration for Nikes black and orange nike Air Max 1 Premium Venom – Black & Bright Citrus edition. Neymar is known for his dexterous footwork who leaves his oponent most of the time bewilderd because of his trics. Thats why we understand why Nike based a Nike Air Max 1 shoe on this soccer player. Sure thing you wan’t to make panna’s like Neymar does?

The Nike Air Max One Premium Venom – Black & Bright Citrus is a whole black shoe with orange (Bright Citrus) accents and white influences. The orange part you find on the rubber sole, the inside of the shoe (which shows a thin path on the ankles), the tongue, the laces and the laceholes. For some extra contrast Nike gave the mid-sole and the Nike Swoosh of this Nike Air Max One a white colour so they pop* a little extra intense.

Are you a Neymar fan? Or do you just like these sneakers? The month june of 2013 will be the month of release so keep an eye on it!

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