Nike Air Max 1 Premium – Summit White & Black

No hodgepodge, but certainly also no lack of style! That’s what the new Nike Air Max 1 Premium Summit White & Black stand for. Literally everything about this shoe is differend, exciting, and new. If you would turn all the colors around it would be more the regular Nike than it is now. But we don’t want to, because these shoes are wicked!

Summit White & black

Most of the regular Nikes have a dark rubber sole, and a white mid-sole. And for the upper many materials are used, like leather, nubuck and suede. And the inside of the shoe is always made out of a soft nylon fabric and is most of the time in colorblock. But not with these Nike Air max 1’s. This version has a whole black sole. So the rubber sole and also the mid-sole. The air-bubble is colorless. Than further up: the whole shoe is made with suede in summit white. Even on the toebox there is no mesh used but also suede. The Nike swoosh is made of black smooth leather and we see this effect also on the little logo’s you find on the tongue and the heel.

What stands out even more is the inside of the shoe. This is black smooth leather instead of the soft nylon used normally! It’s classy, it’s chique and very different than we are used to. The laces are bright white and gives the shoe that extra contrast to it. Would you like to get a pair? The shoe is released in the end of december 2013 so keep your eyes open!

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