Nike Air Max 1 Comfort Premium Tape – Black

‘Once you go black, you never go back’ is what they say. And with these Nike Air Max 1 Comfort Black we can see where this saying is comming from.

Famous Nike Air-bubble

Just like you are used to with the Nike Air Max Ones, you will find the air unit in the back of the sole for the ultimate ‘One’ comfort. This unit takes all the hits that normaly your ankles and knees would get to take when wearing normal shoes. And because of a smooth watertight fabric with a Duck Tape look on the upper side this shoe gets a classic but modern look to it.

Despite of the whole black look of this shoe, it’s still a pretty striking shoe. The reflecting black elements are very prominent but the all-black element is what really catches eyes. It’s so clean, tight and therefor extremely venturous.

On the whole shoe lenght you will find a midsole made of polyurethane. This material gives durability, stability an ultimate comfort. And then we are not even talking about the air-unit! The sole is made out of rubber for great adhesion and durability. And that is certainly a good thing because of the ‘never-getting-out-of-style’ black! If you will keep your pair nice and clean, this may be your best purchase ever!

The Comfort edition of the Nike Air Max 1 is being one of the most popular shoes of all times. Because of the use of even lighter weight materials and smoother fabrics this might be the most comfortable shoes of Nike Air Max One. And the comfort is, next to the looks, maybe the most important USP!

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